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Gentech PC your leading edge to computer excellence. We are in the market to provide great computers at unbeatable prices and thrive towards perfection in today's computer industry. Setting the standard for quality and reliability in our computers. Providing excellent customer service and technical support for all computer users all over the world.
Value has been a long time tradition at Gentech. Majoring in 16 years of computer experience since year 2000. Taking technology to its highest peak to provide a fast and powerful system. We strive to provide the most machine for your money. We know the value is the real decision. Every system is treated with strict performance standards at our state of the art manufacturing facilities. Our certified engineers maintain the highest level of quality. This is a promise to you that you will have the best PC.
Reliability must be the most important feature for any personal computer, But it's always the one aspect taken granted. At Gentech, we believe in designing personal computers not only to out perform the competition but also to outlast them. And that means unmatched reliability. Gentech personal computers are built from scratch with reliability in mind. For example, we always offer the best components available. All our components are quality assured and certified. Each tested for a 72-hour time period, completing 100 rigorous performance and reliability test during that period. We don't just make sure that the system works, we make sure it works right.

Security Information
None of the customers who has shopped at GenTech has reported fraudulent use of a credit or debit card as a result of purchases made with us. We are so confident about the transaction security we offer on our site that we back every purchase with a security guarantee.

Privacy Policy
GenTech is committed to respecting your privacy. We recognized your need for reasonable control of personally identifiable information that you share with GenTech. Personally identifiable information is any information that is associated with your name. GenTech uses your information to better understand your needs and provide you better service. To help us improve your experience.

GenTech provides this Online Privacy Statement to make you aware of our privacy policy in case you choose to share with us personally identifiable information. We take reasonable steps to see that it is followed within our company. GenTech will not sell your personally identifiable information to others. GenTech is committed to ensuring the security of your information. Credit card numbers are only used for processing payment and are not used for other purposes.

If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please send them to the following email address: service@gentechpc.com

What is Secure Socket Layer?
Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol that was first introduced by Netscape in the early '90s. SSL will allow users to send and receive information to companies on the World Wide Web in an encrypted manner. This means that any information such as, text, pictures, forms that are transmitted through the Web browsers will be completely encrypted. When information has to get from one point to another, it travels throughout several computers. The data that is sent through the Internet may travel across 25 or 35 networks. When this data is in transit, any one of these computer systems represents an intermediary with the potential to access the flow of information between the user's computer and a trusted server. The Internet does not provide built-in security. However, SSL will encrypt the data in a manner that will prohibit interlopers from reading data that the user is sending or receiving. SSL provides privacy, authentication and message integrity.