Coupon Codes

Regular Price:
Payment by credit card, check card and PayPal instant payments.

Cash Discount Price
Coupon code: cash

3% cash discount of grand total if you choose to pay by:
- Personal check/Money order
- Cashier's check
- Bank Transfer
Credit card merchant services charge merchants 2%~3% from the total amount for each transaction, if customer pay with check/money or bank transfer it'll save us 2%~3% of our cost so we can pass the saving to you.

Military and Student discount

1.5% discount for military and student (can not be combine with 3% cash discount). Proof of military membership (email) or student ID is required by reply to order confirmation email.

Coupon code for military: mil

Coupon code for student: edu

How to apply coupon code:

1: Click Add to Cart.

2: At basket page enter coupon code for example: CASH and click APPLY.